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Fresh fruits

All About Fruits

Fruit is such a fundamental word that underpins not only who we are as people, but echoes through all our languages and cultures.

We talk of the ‘fruits of success’, or the ‘fruit of our labours’ or dreams coming ‘into fruition’.

Fruit is the essential sweetness that makes our lives worth living.

It would be a hard world, indeed, to imagine without it.

Green Fresh Farms covers the world with our selection and depth of range in our premium quality fruit products, whether they come from the farthest, most distant places—or just down the road.


“fruity and juicy flavour”

There are hundreds of varieties of tomatoes, each brimming with fruity, juicy flavour, bright in colour and packed full of antioxidants.

Tomatoes are also rich in lycopenes – a compound linked with numerous medical benefits.

Recent investigations show that lycopenes can be found in all colours of tomato – not as once thought just the deep red varieties.

This is good news for consumers – who can enjoy both taste and tip-top health as they tuck into popular types of tomatoes, such as beef with its firm, marbled appearance; cluster – ripened on the vine; tiny, sweet cherry tomatoes and the juicy yellow varieties.


“An apple a day keeps
the doctor away.”

It wasn’t so long ago that apples, the most popular fruit in the world, were only available for a few months in the year, and were limited to only a handful of varieties.

Today we have an abundance of riches, with over 7,500 different kinds of apple available: the Pink Lady, Pacific Rose, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Fuji, Braeburn, Red and Golden Delicious, Gala, and, the Granny Smith, the most popular of these.

From the very sweetest dessert apple to the tartest cooking apple, we offer a range of scents, textures and tastes that will thrill the palate of the most discerning consumer.

“Sweet, sensuous and delicious”

The last banana that was eaten was probably a Cavendish.

Accounting for over 90% of the world banana market, these yellow dessert bananas are universal.

Sweet, sensuous and delicious, they are the fourth largest food crop in the world, and are always at home on the dining table.

But bananas are not just for dessert.

We also offer a range of plantains.

“that special ingredient to festive occasions”

The range of citrus fruits available today defies belief.

Apart from the usual navel and valencia oranges, lemons, limes, white and ruby grapefruit and clementines, Nova and Honey Murcotts that grace the tables of anyone who seeks freshness and good health, there is a smorgasbord of shapes, colours and tastes that many will be less familiar with.

“the most popular fruit
grown in the tropics”

Mangoes are by far the most popular fruit grown in the tropics. With their distinctive shape, taste, aroma and texture, they are prized for their quaity.

Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fiber.

Fruits also provide a wide range of health-boosting antioxidants, including flavors.

Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables can reduce a person’s risk of developing heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes.

Fruits such as:– oranges, grapefruits, mandarins, limes bananas, watermelon are grown at Green Fresh Farms.

Stone fruit – nectarines, apricots, peaches and plums.
Tropical and exotic – bananas and mangoes.

Berries – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwifruit and passion fruit.